How can I post my Poem ?

Started by MK ADMIN, December 18, 2009, 09:59:14 PM

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How to Type in Marathi ?
See this link:

How can I post my Poem ?

1. Determine the type of poem. For Eg.  Let us assume that your poem is of type Prem Kavita. then click on प्रेम कविता.

2. Now you can see list of All प्रेम कविता posted in that section.

3. Look at right top or right bottom you can see  New Topic
as shown in below image.

wait till image loads..

4. Now Click on New Topic 

5. A new page will open, post a proper title and post your poem in box below as shown in image below.

wait till image loads..

6. You can post any kavita of yours with your name below. Also, you can post any kavita from any author you have liked so far,in this case you are requested to post name of original author. In case you dont know name of author kindly post "Author Unknown".