शिवसेना चा धुमाकूळ निंदनीय..

Started by Rahul Kumbhar, November 20, 2009, 09:30:29 PM

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Rahul Kumbhar

आयबीएन लोकमतच्या विक्रोळी इथल्या ऑफीसवर जमावाने तोडफोड करत हल्ला केला.

ऑफिसमधल्या कर्मचार्‍यांनाही या जमावाने मारहाण केली. हल्ला करणारे 10-12 जण शिवसेनेचं नाव घेत होते.

बाळासाहेब ठाकरेंबद्दल बोलणार्‍यांना आम्ही सोडणार नाही अशी धमकी आणि घोषणा देत त्यांनी काचा फोडायला सुरुवात केली.

आयबीएन लोकमतचे संपादक निखिल वागळे यांच्यासह काही पत्रकारांनाही त्यांनी मारहाण केली. खुर्चा फेकून कम्युटर्सचीही नासधुस त्यांनी केली.

असाच भ्याड हल्ला आयबीएन-लोकमतच्या पुणे ऑफिसवरही करण्यात आला. आणि ओबी व्हॅनचीही तोडफोड करण्यात आली

आयबीएन-लोकमतच्या ऑफिसवरील हल्ल्याचा सर्व मीडियामधून आणि देशभरातून निषेध करण्यात येत आहे.
तुमचे काय मत आहे?

Rahul Kumbhar

लाज वाटायला हवी शिवसेनेला...त्या माण्साना ज्यानी हा भ्याड हल्ला केला..


मराठी माणसाला लाज वाटेल असे हे कृत्या आहे !!!   :'(

तुमचे काय मत आहे?


svatachyach hatun svatach tond kal karun ghetal shivasenene :P .........


kadhi kadhi Nikhli Wagle & IBN Lokmat sudha khup bedhadak vidhan kartat, which is not correct......pan shivsena ne je kahi kele te sudha barobar nahi....and responsible persons should be severly punished...

Rahul Kumbhar


I agree.

Looks like old shiv sena politics. I feel the orchestration took place like this. The adesh must have come from the top. They must have decided that the top leaders will hold responsibilty for this attack and one of the low cadre will surrender and take blame for all this. This way this satisfies the technical query the police will raise in the chargesheet. So the main leaders are safe and out to say whatever they want. PPL are not fools anymore.

BTW IBN Lokmat did not make any real bad comment on anybody in Shiv Sena. The attack was to intimidate MANASE cause IBN Lokmat was somewhere i believe making a lot of pro MANSE and Raj Saheb speeches.

This is actually third grade politics by third grade and low class people and we would not want our sons/daughters/brothers/sisters/family and the next generation to be associated with any parties which do such politics.

Its time the party should understand that the true king is not a single person but the next generation who has to be doctrined well and shown the right direction. They are the tru kings and need to be protected.


Well all said and done. A little light on some facts.

If you guys stay in mumbai you must be in some or other ward.

Now just check your ward and see how many illegal establishments have come up. Specially street evendors and food stalls and stuff. Why dont you ppl understand that this is the responsibililty of the Municiple Corporation and the current ruling coporator to ensure that such illegal activity dont happen.

Now dont forget to check that who has been your corportor for last 2 decades or so. And i guess all these uttar bharatiyas have come in the last 2 decades and our own ppl on one hand say that we stand for marathi manoos and allow all this rubbish some thousand bucks.

Make a note.