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Rules updated in Marathi :)

So late , khara tar visrun ch gelo hoto :)


mk varache rules marathit baghun khup ananda zala :) ..........

:) ... विजेंद्र ढगे ... :)

MK var nakki lok kavita / charolya / lekh etc. vachayala yetat ki frienship karayala yetat ???::)   :P

जर आपल्यासारख्या कविता करणाऱ्या व्यक्तीन बरोबर ओळख झाली.. तरी काही वावग नाही... आपल्याला ज्या गोष्टी आवडत नाही, त्याच गोष्टी सगळ्यांना आवडणार नाही असे.. होत नाही बहुतेकवेळा....

केदार मेहेंदळे


dilelya suggestions bddl kona kdun ani kdhi reply yeto?



dilelya suggestions bddl kona kdun ani kdhi reply yeto?

Server upgrade karun zala ki messages chi limit naaki vadhvu.....

केदार मेहेंदळे


I am not talking about the message limits here. I am enquiring about the suggestion I had given for the index of the poems. I want to know who is taking care of the suggestions and will I get any reply for that.

My suggestion is whenever a reply to any poem is posted that poem comes on top. I suggest that the index of the poem should be on the recent  poems posted and not on the recent reply. Because of the existing practice of index the same poem is opened again & again as we normaly remember the poem and not the name of the poem. This increases the number of readers. Many times it is observed that a simple thank you reply brings the poem on top.

We can index the poems on the basis of new poems. The recent posts can be displayed in the last column. This will display only the new/ recent poems on top and will show comparitivly correct number of the readers.



Hello Admin,

I am a new member & I am loving the collection. its a great inspiration source and platform for budding poets.
I am writing poems since last 12 years. Now I want to introduce my work to the World.

I am very excited to post my poems here. However, In future I wan  to publish my own book. so I was worried about the copyright of the poems.
What safety guidelines can we take to protect copying of poems?
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Punam Naringe / Kalpanancha Paus


vinayak naik

marathi madhe type karnya sathi kahi option havet