[Guide]How to create an image file of your poem?

Started by Gaurav Patil, July 31, 2011, 06:54:44 PM

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Gaurav Patil

There are various ways to create image file of your poem viz. paint, powerpoint, office etc. But i usually prefer paint. Just follow the steps to create your image file....

1) Open paint OR right click -> edit on the image file you want to add your poem to.....It will look like this....OR a complete white space.

2)Then select the A button on the top and draw a textbox...

3)Then just copy the text in that box and format the font and colour as you wish...

4) Add any other text you want. Also look out for white blanks around the image which you can remove by adjusting the size of the image.

5)Now save the image to the appropriate folder.

6)Your image file is ready to be uploaded. You can upload it to various sites directly and also post it here. For guidelines about how to upload images to this forum visit http://marathikavita.co.in/index.php/topic,2236.0.html

Gaurav Patil


feel free to ask any queries.....I will solve them as soon as possible.... :)